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Certain weapon bug for weapon dealer (FN FAL)


[Image: unknown.png]
As you can see, you cannot purchase a shipment of FN FALs, only singles, however, the price for the shipment is still there.
[Image: z5b124ffae6425.gif]


i don't see an issue
[Image: SO9ALCl.jpg]


Yeah, I don't really see the issue either, could you explain more?


You can't buy shipments of FN FALs.
[Image: z5b124ffae6425.gif]


(04-27-2018, 10:30 PM)P510 Wrote: You can'twith  buy shipments of FN FALs.
there was a other weapon i think its a mp9 has 2 shipments what come as singles


fixed upon restart

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