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In-Game Discord Link


Hello there,

I attempted to join the Discord server, however upon using the in-game link / invite that shows up in the chat, I discovered that the invite is either incorrect or expired, probably the latter. It requires replacing with a working invite, due to members (like myself) being unable to join the Discord server via that invite.




The two possible reasons are you are banned or the invite is expired. The invite is permanent, so you are banned.


I just joined by going to the Steam Group and using that invite, so I don't believe I'm banned.


Invite not permanent/bugged out then

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I'll notify the big boss men

They have been notified
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Sounds good. At least I managed to use the Steam Group invite, so I'm in now. ;P


haha they have been notified for four months


(05-09-2018, 08:53 PM)Sorkbonkler Wrote: haha they have been notified for four months

Yea well obviously you didn't listen.

If anyone has a problem with it press E again it will regenerate
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