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Sad face - Allen Akbar - 08-01-2019

Hey guys I lost intrest in gmod.I'll be back but idk when.I wanna saythank you for being such a great commuinity.
I wan't to give a thank you to.Kai for giving me chances alot.Craigo for being my dad.Generic fun to talk to.And many more im just lazy as fuck and don't feel like writing this but I guess bye?
Jodul,Firestorm,Alta,Pyroshark,Tasid,Panda,Toxiclocc,Soap jk not until you do my cf,Hxveyy,Rigzy,

Love you all

RE: Sad face - kai - 08-01-2019

Aww, enjoy playing other things until then. Cya.

RE: Sad face - RigzyPlayz - 08-01-2019

Damn dude.
See you around then i guess, have fun buddy!

RE: Sad face - [VDT] [Hawk] Lost - 08-01-2019

Cya around mate, good luck in whatever you do!

RE: Sad face - sungiol - 09-01-2019

Bye bye, have fun with whatever else you decide to do : )

RE: Sad face - *MilkMan - 09-01-2019

Bye! Hope you come back to the community, I'm sure you will be welcomed.
Have a nice night.

RE: Sad face - panda - 13-01-2019

awwww you mentioned me!