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Suit cooldown refund - DasBaumJunge - 09-01-2019

Who is this suggestion targeted at? (i.e rank.. jobs..)
>> The Suits (cooldown)

What is your main suggestion? (provide links if possible)
>>So if you would get rdmd or killed by an invaild reason, staff should have the possibility to refund the cooldown.
Becuase of the long 20min. timer, it's an really anoying thing when you get rdmd or lose it on any other invaild reason.

How would your suggestion improve the server?
>>It would make the players more happy.

Just for info, this is suggestion would be more the questions about the dev and tasid, if they wanna invest the time to it.
I hate my life if this is on of this things already exist and I have no idea about them.

RE: Suit cooldown refund - Z4 - 09-01-2019

+ rep. For sure, i feel it should come under the normal refund command. Its unfair how you can be RDM'd and after it being dealt with still impacting your experience by loosing your suit for 20 mins

RE: Suit cooldown refund - soap-chan - 09-01-2019


Yeah, if you get killed for no reason it's unfair to wait all of the time.

RE: Suit cooldown refund - Lost - 09-01-2019

I have no suits unlocked and don't really know how it works, but if it has a cooldown and it can be deleted for those who were killed by a rule-breaker or by mistake, then I'd say there should be a command to refund that somehow.

RE: Suit cooldown refund - Plat - 09-01-2019

Yeah, seems helpful and fair.

RE: Suit cooldown refund - Box Organiser - 09-01-2019

There's not really a reason why this shouldn't be allowed.
Maybe we should also add a message in chat when someone get's a suit refunded to prevent abuse.

RE: Suit cooldown refund - ThePilotWhoCantFly - 09-01-2019

+rep that is very annoying when you have to wait 20 min and you get rdm'd or something similar

RE: Suit cooldown refund - Patrick - 09-01-2019

yes rep+

RE: Suit cooldown refund - Glazing boi - 10-01-2019

for a 20min cooldown, it should be a basic thing

RE: Suit cooldown refund - BIuePhoenix - 11-01-2019

+rep by me it's been too many times I had to alt tab and wait cause some one just killed me with no reason right outside of spawn