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RE: Suit cooldown refund - Codey - 12-01-2019

Yeah that would be cool
implement if with the /refund command
so when you refund their last death they get their suit back on.

RE: Suit cooldown refund - Matthew - 18-01-2019

Not only suits but /terror and /pdraid and other commands requiring cooldown

RE: Suit cooldown refund - Josh9fx - 18-01-2019

A huge +rep as of the countless times I and surely others have been RDM'd and had a suit on. This would make a huge difference as we shouldn't have to wait for RDM's. However I also think the cooldown should keep going even though we are offline.

RE: Suit cooldown refund - Cpt_Kujima - 18-01-2019

+Rep from me i hate waiting these times after being killed without a reason.

RE: Suit cooldown refund - kai - 18-01-2019