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3D Textscreens - [VDT] [Hawk] Lost - 29-01-2019

So, for a while now, I have noticed that whatever changes I try to make to any of my saved text screen models won't be kept for the next time I hop on the server. Hitting the "Save" button does not work, informing that there are "Script errors occurring" but I have little to no idea of what can be happening.

P.S.: This only started happening when the "Tick the box for rainbow text" thing was added

RE: 3D Textscreens - Jeff Moat.gg - 01-02-2019

it works for me

RE: 3D Textscreens - panda - 07-02-2019

It works a little, it is stuck in "kos inside" even if my last was building.... Not a big issue though, typing in the box a different message....

RE: 3D Textscreens - superspicywater - 21-02-2019

This happened for me, too. I suggest just sucking it up and retyping it, this might be an advanced duplicator problem, not Hawk's problem ya know?

RE: 3D Textscreens - Smithy - 21-02-2019

Works for me

RE: 3D Textscreens - panda - 21-02-2019

Closed - Being bumped.