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Forum Rules.

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Forum Rules:

General rules.

- Do not advertise other servers.
  - This also includes Steam groups, and such.

- Do not bully anyone.

- Do not post any NSFW content.
  - (pornography, graphic content, etc.)

- Do not cause drama. If I do notice that you are, you will be warned/banned and your posts will be removed.

- Do not spam.

- Do not link to malicious websites.

- Do not post offensive content.

- Do not farm posts.

- Use common sense.

- Do not use an alt account after being banned.

- The use of swear words is fine, as long as it does not break rules stated above.
Post rules.
- Do not comment on irrelevant threads.
  - This is considered farming posts.

- Simply commenting on a staff application saying 'Me likey' or anything similar is against the Forum Rules. 
  - Please include your rep reasons.
  - Rep for rep is not allowed!

- Posts that make no sense may be removed by a higher up. 
  - This mainly includes threads made to farm posts.

- Do not beg for a promotion. You can apply for them.

- Do not post hateful threads. Giving your critism is fine, but do not spread hate.

- You may not - rep for text colour.
 - If you can't read it press Ctrl + A!
 - Any sort of necroposting (posting on threads older than a month if you aren't the creator) is not allowed.

- Post your request to Retract a Resignation here.
- If you are taking a break, or going on vacation post it here.
- Post resignation threads here.

How to Rep

Good Examples:
+Rep, Always active in-game.
+Rep, Quick to help people in OOC
- Rep, Always AFK.
- Rep, Has alot of warns, is rude to staff.

Wrong Examples:
+Rep, Good app.
+Rep (Giving no reason at all for the Rep)
- Rep, Always raids me 'cus he is a salty ****.
- Rep (Giving no reason at all for the Rep)

*Explanation about how the Rep system should work.
When you +/Rep someone, you need to explain why and give a solid reason why they are being +/- Rep'd.
It's also important if you can tell us about their personality, as we can already see if they got alot of warns or not but can't see how the person acts if we are not familiar with said person.

*Please do not comment on applications from people who do not meet the following requirements:
- The user does not have 30h playtime
- The user is not level 4 in Discord
- The user does not have 20 forum posts
Warning system.

*Forum warnings
This is only for higher ups, but it's nice for you guys to see this too. 
Generally breaking one of the forum rules gets you 20% to 50% warning level, these warnings last for 30 days. But there are some exceptions:
- Posting NSFW content = 50%
- Advertising other servers = 70%
- Alt accounts are instantly banned
- Other instances are decided by the higher up. 
- A 100% warning level will get you banned. Forum bans usually last about 3 to 14 days. (Community banned = Perma)

You may shitpost in the following forum sections:
- General Discussion.
- Off Topic.
- Introductions and Departures.
- DarkRP Discussion.
- Gangs / Organisations.
(- Staff Discussion)

You may not shitpost in the following forum sections:
- Staff Applications.
- Report a Player.
- Ban Appeal.
- Custom Jobs.
- Suggestions.
- Bugs and Issues.
(- Handbooks)
(- Staff Breaks)
(- Promotion Requests)








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