Application Information & Requirements

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Hawk Servers Application Information
Read this before applying


- You have 18 hours playtime in the server.
- You have 5 or less warnings within the past month.
- You must have at least 100+ server score. (Check by typing t!rank in bot channel)
- You have at least 8 posts on the forum and be active on the forums. Post farming (i.e posting irrelevant things / spamming / bumping old posts) does not count.
- You have a strong knowledge of the server rules.
- You have read the staff handbook:

Basic Staff Rules

1. Be respectful to all community members.
2. Serve as a role model towards other players.
3. Do not harass other players.
4. Do not alter the server rules in any way.
5. Do not request a promotion.
6. Do not use vulgar language during a sit.
7. You may not be a staff on any other server while serving for Hawk Servers.

Important Information

If you are younger, the chance is lower
This seems unfair, but we simply need our staff to be very mature- and unfortunately, there’s a noticeable connection between age and maturity. If you’re young but you’ve proven you’re mature in-game and in your application, there’s still a very big chance you’ll be accepted!

If you have very little playtime, the chance is lower
As someone with an hour of playtime, you haven’t dedicated a lot of time to the server yet and we’re afraid this means you’ll be able to leave it with relative ease. Playing longer also helps us get to know you in-game so we can judge whether you’re a good candidate or not. We don’t give people the benefit of the doubt when we accept them into our staff team.

If you barely ever come online, the chance is lower
We want our staff to be online as often as possible so they’re there to help players instantly rather than leave them frustrated because there’s an issue they can’t tackle or a question they’d like to know the answer to.

If you have very little or low quality forum posts, the chance is lower
Posting on the forums (quality posts, not post farming!) goes to show you’re active and want to participate in the community. It shows you’ve got good ideas and can contribute to server development and staff selection alike. 

If you have very little Server Score on Discord, the chance is lower
Like above, it goes to show you’re active and keen on participating in the community. We use Tatsumaki for this. Use t!rank in #bots for a card that shows your current level and Server Score. Your Server Score is what we need.

If your English has errors, the chance is lower
We don’t want users to be confused because they don’t understand things staff is saying. Communication is very important in every aspect of life, and even more so in a staff position. Many players are bothered by minor spelling errors or incorrect capitalization and would argue that it makes staff look unprofessional, too; therefore we strive for perfect use of English in our staff team.

If you’ve broken server rules in the past, the chance is lower
While we very much believe in the fact people can change for the better, having a clean record proves that you know the rules and live by them, something very important in any thinkable staff position. You need to prove you’ve read all this text by putting the text ‘great at maths’ anywhere in your application as a measure to prevent people who haven’t read this text from applying. Not knowing what rules you’re enforcing as moderator can result in very much agitated players who are either angry at you because they’ve been punished for a rule they’ve never read or because someone else who harmed them didn’t receive any kind of penalty as you, the staff member, never knew this “someone else” wasn’t complying with the rules.

If you’re inexperienced, the chance is lower
This factor is a very small one and likely won’t be the difference between you being accepted or not, but experience is just a great help. If you know how to treat players, how to use commands and how to behave in certain situations you’ll do a much greater job as any kind of staff member. Staff guides are publicly available if you’d like to inform yourself. If you can show you’ve read them and learnt from them, we’ll consider you more experienced than someone that only says they’ve been “co-owner before” and leaves it at that.

If your application is rushed and incomplete, the chance is lower
We want to know you’re putting in effort to become staff and not just trying your luck because you thought it’d be fun to be able to kick people you can’t stand. You don’t have to write an entire novel, but try to be detailed and give examples! 

If you haven’t shown any support to the server, the chance is lower
If you constantly and consistently speak badly of the server, be it in-game or behind peoples’ backs, we’ll be much less likely to trust you as staff member. If you’ve invited friends and helped us develop, the odds are higher instead. However crooked it might sound, monetary support (through donations) increases the odds too. Letting us pay for the server hosting is a great help and proves you’re dedicated to us.

If you lie in your application in any way, sort or form, the chance is much lower
We can respect the fact that everyone has a different perspective, but straight-up lying about things like age or playtime will set the odds of you getting a position as staff very close to absolutely zero percent. If we find out you’ve lied about something after being accepted, you’ll be demoted instantly. We strongly believe that honesty is the best way and that you should always be honest, regardless of your position in the server.


- If you are denied or demoted, you will not cause any issues due to it, nor argue about it. This will lead to a ban.
- If you are banned from applying, you are not allowed to cause an argument about it.
- You accept that you will not be paid for voluntary work however a standard is still expected (activity and etc...). Not meeting standards will lead to a demotion.

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