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31/01/18 Change Log

(This post was last modified: 01-31-2018, 01:58 PM by DEADMONSTOR.)

  • Weapon restrictions do not work. Hobos and dogs are able to pick up heavy weaponry normally, resulting in lots of frustration and confusion in sits.
  • The new protection system protects some things it shouldn't. You're unable to use others' buttons (to operate their shooting windows in raids), other's radio players (to mute them for yourself only), it still lets you use others' keypads but spams "You're not allowed to use this object!" in chat.
  • The new protection system's "buddies" has several faults. Several faults being that it doesn't work at all. Sharing your prop through the context menu does nothing, and sharing props through the Q-menu doesn't do anything either.
  • The new protection system lets you spawn and punt props for some reason, making for a very strange way to propsurf/boost yourself over obstacles and letting you minge about throwing barrels at people (admittedly, i am guilty of the latter).
  • The new protection system prevents you from using ropes, but winches are A-OK for some reason.
  • The new protection system lets you proppush and propsurf with ease- props collide with players again, while formerly the props would be ghosted while getting physgunned.
  • (not really a bug but harmful) Dumpsters are way too powerful for something that doesn't require you to set up a thing. They don't scale with player count yet either (or dead didn't announce the highly needed change), making it incredibly easy for anyone to earn several million in a small timespan, all by running laps around the map and pressing E on dumpsters.
  • Suiciding in staff mode will respawn you as the job you were before using /admin, but still leaves you able to use commands
  • Going out of staff mode will always give you back the exact loadout you had when you entered it; meaning you will have to suicide and respawn before getting your stuff back if you activated /admin after getting arrested and before getting released
  • This ^ also means that you can have police weapons as any job by going on duty as officer, switching to a different job and going off duty.
  • This ^ also means that you are able to drop things like permaweapons and the Climb SWEP as Assassin.
  • (probably not a bug but) staff does not have gravguns, and i find it increasingly difficult to explain things like meth if i can't move the things around for them. I understand the printer sack being disabled but disabling the gravity gun entirely is overkill and sometimes forces me to go off duty to help explain someone something. 
  • Staff is able to modify door-groups. I appreciate this a big deal, but they can do this off-duty; just like using FSpectate and its teleport function and logs.
All of the above are fixed. 
  • Auto Advert added for hits.
  • Staff can no longer pick up doors and windows. Who the fuck needs that.
  • Staff can now see when text screens and keypads were placed 
  • [Image: kqa9Bde.jpg]

  • Added sniper event

  • [Image: WXo25Ol.jpg]



Damn, alot of buggs xd
[Image: XNtnY2k.png]


From your boi, Cumblemore

Celebrating 1 year in the server



Wow a lot a lot of bugs. Lol

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