Kidnapping rules

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My suggestion applies in-game for regular ol' users.

My suggestion is to add new kidnapping rules:
  • You cannot leave a kidnapped person alone. (Being kidnapped is not fun, and the newest "lol fuck you" is to kidnap someone, keep them kidnapped for 10 minutes locked away in some far away room)
  • You cannot "strip", "gag" or "remove comms".  (part of the fun of kidnapping is protecting the kidnappee from being freed, not forcing them to wait out the 10 minutes because "NO I GAGGED U!!!1!eleven")
  • You must be actively trying to sell the kidnapped person. (You don't kidnap to piss people off, you kidnap to make money.
  • You can hire a security guard to use their Weapon Checker to confiscate all weapons from a person, or keep them at gunpoint constantly to prevent them from drawing their weapon and attacking you.
This would improve the server because kidnapping is becoming more of a way to piss people off, and it's a little too easy to strip someone of everything, stuff them away in a box for 10 minutes and laugh at them when you shoot them through their head at the end. These three rules would prevent that.


I agree with " kidnapping is becoming more of a way to piss people off"
letting someone keep there guns is a bit far no?
Apart from that I do think it'd make Kidnapping more fun.


If you don't want people to keep their guns, hire a security guard and make them use their weapon checker to confiscate the weaponry.

They're still not allowed to pull out a gun and start shooting you as long as the kidnapper keeps the victim at gunpoint.


- kidnap rules are not always understood
- Most of the points there are linked into it.
I think this will be good...

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I agree for some part but if the kidnapped person has a gun he'll most likely shoot you so im thinking that weapons should be stripped and the kidnapped person can only use fists to try and get out

Oh im sorry i dindt read your 2nd post remora that's a great idea +rep


I agree with that you should be trying to sell the victim at all times, I don't agree with them keeping guns and such. I think it's fair the way it is but if you imply trying to sell the system works.

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I have added the following:
   - Kidnappers must be actively trying to sell the victim
   - They must not be left unattended
   - Victim cannot be silenced, let them talk all they like

I will not add a rule against stripping.

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