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(This post was last modified: 03-16-2018, 12:31 PM by DEADMONSTOR.)

Bug with mug fixed

Staff that are in cloak will now make the accessories invisible

Physgun beam is now invisible when you are cloaked and not picking someone up

Farmer is fixed.

Did some DarkRP optimization ( no longer have bubble above head ) 

FPS should be higher in some areas

You can no longer prop climb with radio/musicplayer and keypads

You cannot keypad crack or lockpick without a raid active

You will only be shoot through able when you are nocliping on duty now

Cannot see peoples hud who are invis

Fixed logs for added commands


love the updates but the logs dont work for the /mug /kidnap /raid commands
Proud Mod For Hawk


Yeah, it makes it hard to validate claims based on mugging, raiding and kidnapping as we can't see the logs. Although I think everyone can agree that thank god Farming is fixed. The amount of "Question" sits we got that ended with "farming is currently broken" have been awful D: Thank you for working so hard Dead Smile
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Fixed logs for added commands


Thank you Dead, you are a life saver Smile
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Fix the community


What do you mean by that Neldonax?
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