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1st April 2018 Changes



Here are the changes which have happened between the past 2 days:

- New Host / IP
       Unfortunately we had to change hosts due to unwanted changes with our previous one. The new IP is

- Changed Map
       This new map is rp_downtown_tits_v1 which has been heavily optimized, this allows low end computers / laptops to run smoothly on the server with high fps.

- Added Bit Miners
       This has been restricted to 1 job due to the fact that it could cause lag if a lot of people are using it.

- Added Fishing
       This has also been limited to 1 job, same reason as above.

- Added Mining
       This has also been limited to 1 job, same reason as above.

- DEADMONSTOR doing some mad optimizations to reduce lag and allow more addons to be added Smile

- Minor bug fixes regarding storing of data

There are more features to come, stay tuned.


Y' know addons are just gonna make Hawk thr next DankRP?


This is lit, a sick map, and new shit to make money of! More stuff is going to be added in the future but for now, have as much fun as possible using everything. And if you've only used for example Bitminers or if you've just been mining, try the other jobs such as the Fishermen job, it could be alot more fun than you think! Also, Custom titles has been added. lol.
[Image: XNtnY2k.png]


yeah new shit

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