More shipments sold by weaponry dealer


Right now there's a lot of weapons that are only available permanently through custom jobs or extremely temporarily through events.

It would be awesome if these currently rarely-used M9K were also available to purchase off weaponry dealers, so people wouldn't have to rely on luck to get to use it (and even then, only in events). It also makes things feel (and be) a lot fairer for these people- it's simply pay-to-win if they have no way to obtain the weapons in the "normal" game without donating. By making them available from gundealers it's much less unfair to the players, even if some guns have a hefty price tag, they know they can compete with donators if they set aside enough cash.

Of course not all weapons belong in a weaponry dealer's assortment; particularly most Specialties and extremely heavy machine guns. Heck, with the player counts being higher we may even be able to split between Gun Dealer and Black Market Dealer again, but that's a suggestion for another day.

I should have an old file on my PC containing all the m9k weapons per DarkRP category as shipments. I'm sure Dead/Tasid could recycle that. I could try to edit them to fit Hawk, even, but i really want to get approval before i sink tons of effort into that.

Feedback is, as always, more than welcome.
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I already added new weapons a few weeks back (shotguns and shit), I dont intend to add more atm but we'll see, for now... closed.

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