Police Armory



Gives criminals more valid reasons to raid the Police Department and rewards police for being in/near the PD (to grab a slightly more powerful weapon, or to restock on ammunition).

This could either be hidden in the vault in the Mayor's office or be inside the currently unused Storage room inside the PD. 

Raiding for other things than just cash and playing a game of luck to see what shipments and ammo you will receive can be tons of fun. The armory refilling over time encourages criminals to wait and plan their raids ahead for more and better loot. I don't have a lot more to say here, just that this'd be a really fun game mechanic that is unique in that it doesn't just give cash for whoever raids it.

Feedback is welcome.
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gives criminals an actual reason to pd raid other than to raise their kills i.e 'PD Armory raid'
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Yes please, not only that there's already a room perfect for the armory! (Room in front of main desk room's door)
This is a great idea, currently, the only reason for raiding the police department is to get someone out of jail and that's boring.



-Give reasons to raid PD
-Makes S.W.A.T more protective of PD
-Gives rewards for raids
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