Changes related to logging


There's some stuff that would be useful if it were logged.

The Lockpick category is renamed into the Breaching category, now contains (pro) lockpicks and (pro) keypad crackers starting/finishing/being interrupted along with EMP grenades being thrown/opening doors. 
The "Lockpick" category could use a few refinements, namely that apparently the Pro Lockpick isn't being logged (resulting in the monstrosity that was a certain report on SynZ a long time ago: - and i only really found out why the whole thing happened now). They're been unlogged for at least 6 months, probably longer???

EMP grenades and (pro) keypad crackers aren't being logged either, which is why the category should be renamed.

The Purchase section should also include shipment purchases.
The Purchase section of the logs doesn't have any shipments in it. Shipment purchases are hidden somewhere in the Commands bit, but it'd be a million times neater if they weren't getting pushed away by other miscellaneous "commands".

Spectating and opening the logs should be logged.
A little meta, probably, but stuff like checking who the hitman/assassin has a hit on is something that's bound to be abused, especially when noone can see you using it. Same goes for spectating to scout bases before raiding them, or checking where a criminal/hit target is, or inquisitive staff members who don't understand what privacy means.

Whatever the protect_send_buddies command is, it has to stop getting logged.
This thing gets called whenever someone physguns over a prop that's not theirs and spams the "Commands" tab. It serves no purpose. Remove pls :<

Player Events doesn't work and i don't recall it ever having worked? It should probably be fixed.
Not too big an issue but it'd be really convenient if you could just see everything that happened to a player without going through every tab manually.

Feedback is welcome.
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- Can't fix playerevents.. I tried... ;-;
- Removed the proprotect spam while back
- Purchase logs now have shipments
- Couldn't do the EMP thing

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