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Hacking an ATM


ATM's hacking is now usseless maybe you can can make something like a Tramp if you hack it you get an random amount of money so people can get in another way money...
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Good idea but you need to use the template...
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(04-14-2018, 04:58 PM)Jesse Wrote: Good idea but you need to use the template...

Sorry Tongue
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(04-14-2018, 04:58 PM)Jesse Wrote: Good idea but you need to use the template...

You don't actually have to use the format for suggestions. So you're fine!
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Would be a SUPER cool way to get money Big Grin.


A tramp hacking the ATM?
I would rather see a thief hacking the ATM..


Makes good enough sense for me, would be great fun and would give some risk to have your money in an atm rather than you just earning interest. +rep


Considering how badly Hawk has introduced Dumpsters, Bitmining and Fishing to the server, if this gets introduced to hawk it will get stacked by all the curious players wanting to experiment with it, and billions of pounds deposited in BlueATMs by players will go to them, so I would rather not have this introduced, if the owners end up deciding this should be added to the server, please for the love of god test it first, and don't test it on Hawk allowing everyone to use it, test it in singleplayer or on a Peer to Peer server, it doesn't matter as long as you do not introduce it to Hawk without testing and balancing it first.


Who even uses ATMS, i don't even know how thry work


this would never be added


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