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Luna's Staffy Boi

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Steam Name*
>> luna.

In-Game Name*

>> Luna.

Preferred Name
>> Luna

Current In-Game Rank*

(user, supporter, premium)
>> Premium

SteamID (steamid.io)*
>> STEAM_0:1:57316118

Date of Birth*
>> 07/06/1999


>> 18

>> Male

>> England

>> GMT

Total Playtime (screenshot is required)*
>> 2 weeks+ or smth

Total Warnings (screenshot is required)*
>> 0

Have you been banned previously? (yes / no)*
>> No

Are you active on the Website? (yes / no)
 [such information is checked, lying will result in an instant denial]*

>> Yes, I always have it open in the background.

What level are you in our Discord? (screenshit is required) [such information is checked, lying will result in an instant denial]*
>> 16
[Image: uLNm8np.jpg]

What is your Discord username?*
>> luna.#1825

Do you have a Microphone? (yes / no)*

>> Yes

Do you have any relatives who play on this server? (yes / no - if yes, please state their username)
>> No

What days are you able to play?*
>> Everyday

How long can you play on the days you are available?*
>> All day (I'm usually am on around 5pm to 4am)

Do you know how to use ULX? (yes / no)*
>> Yes

Why should we hire you? (be detailed, minimum 1 paragraph)*
>> I think I would make a good addition to the team because I am on the server a lot, love to help people and have a good knowledge of ulx. I have played darkrp for years now and know how to have a good sit and how to help people the best. I am good at seeing both sides of the story and don't want anyone to be annoyed or feel like I made the wrong decision. I noticed that when I'm on around 2 am every night there has been quite a few people breaking lots of rules and I have made reports for the people I felt were the biggest problems. I think that I could help with the lack of staff around those times.

Explain what we expect from you (minimum 1 paragraph)*

1. Be respectful to all community members.
2. Serve as a role model towards other players.
3. Do not harass other players.
4. Do not alter the server rules in any way.
5. Do not use vulgar language during a sit.
6. You may not be a staff on any other server while serving for Hawk Servers.
7. Uphold the server rules.
8. Always try my best to help people on the server.
9. Take care of the goodies and punish the baddies.

Referrer(s) (staff only)

>> Greg James, Tennis, Remora, Carlzy, Kai, Kitty, Westy and some other d00ds

What does 4 cubed - 4 squared  equal to?*
>> 48

oppa gangram style:3
[Image: gx2Ealm.gif]


Denied, I want you to improve your IG activity before re-applying again.

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