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What is your LEAST favourite DarkRP job?


What is your least favourite job?

Mine has to be Doge, because really all you do is sit about on the streets and wait for someone to own you (But that's just my opinion ¯\_ ͡°‿ ͡°_/¯ ).


dawg. so bad


mine is also the doge as people usually really get on my nervous when they are that job


If it weren't for Doge then I'd say Tramp King because it's completely useless.



[yeah doge is kinda useless]


(05-13-2018, 02:05 PM)Kai Wrote: HOI WHAT'S THE PROBLEM WITH DOGE

[yeah doge is kinda useless]

ur an anti-rp poopoo

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(05-13-2018, 01:41 PM)BeepBeepI\mAJeep Wrote: If it weren't for Doge then I'd say Tramp King because it's completely useless.
I agree to be honest  Smile .

(05-13-2018, 01:02 PM)[HS] Not A DAWG Wrote: dawg. so bad

I can tell from the name lol Big Grin


Police since you got no pistol or anything so you're pretty much screwed even if a civilian has a pistol.
Don't come close


Thief Juggernaut
Armed and armored to the teeth, this criminal is a cut above the usual petty thieves and burglars- with various tools at his disposal, he will steal anything that's not attached and leave the homeowners in a puddle of their own blood.

I hate this job because it's unrealistic, i hate it because it's unbalanced in comparison to other criminal jobs and i hate it because the only player interaction it encourages is raiding.

It doesn't have to be realistic, it's DarkRP, but something about a job that gets the best gear, weapons and a buttload of armor from the start and isn't "government-funded" just feels wrong.

But it's the superior "thief" job. No contest at all. If this were a minor buff over some other criminal, sure, fine, but it's objectively superior! It has much more powerful guns, it's got more armor and its raiding tools break in twice as fast. The only "side/downgrade" is the Chav, because they get one EMP grenade (but less armor and only a glock for guns). It's pay-to-win which wouldn't be an issue if it just had minor conveniences over non-premium jobs, but the pro lockpick/keypad cracker can't be obtained by non-donator jobs either.

I also hate that it spawns with a bunch of armor, awesome raiding tools (but i hate every criminal job for that) and weapons, as in, it doesn't have to buy those things from anyone. The weapons it spawns with are plenty powerful, nevermind permaweapons, and its keypad cracker/lockpick are already top-tier. Only player interaction it encourages is raiding people, when instead they could visit the gun dealer and black market dealer (read: weaponry dealer) or some kinda new armor job and people would have lots of fun interacting with one another and people would have reason to set up gunstores or black market stores or even armor stores and there would be new stores for criminals to raid and for police to defend and everyone would interact with eachother and there would be a cause

it could've been beautiful
but instead we get "lol just raid some other people or something idk why they'd set up a base but do whatever"
[Image: 4L9gfjz.png]


I hate all those premium jobs.
they are NOT RP jobs, like doge and tramp, they are shitty "more muhneeyey" jobs

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