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Your RP Name
>> Jbone26

Your SteamID*
>> STEAM_1:1:63766394

Who banned you?*
>> Kitty 

What is the stated reason?*
>> LTAP/Raiding with intention to kill

Ban Duration?*
>> 3 Days

Why should you be unbanned?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>> I didn't LTAP I said twice that i needed to go at 8 o clock and said that i would be grounded kitty then said don't care get grounded then my mum that yelling at me so i had to leave quick before she found out that i was on 


That's not what I said, I just said I don't care I need to give your punishment. We had a 50 minute to an hour long sit, you spent the first 10 minutes talking over me and being very hostile, throughout the sit you were disrespectful, You left to avoid punishment in my eyes. Either way you raided to kill another player and I feel that that was a reasonable punishment
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No i didn't it was actually 8 o clock that i needed get off and i didn't talk over you and you gagged me i was not disrespectful but raiding to kill is not banable


Nope but NITRP is and raiding to kill to me is NITRP, you were using the police raid as a cover up to raid exhility and when I asked you why you replied with "Because I dont like him" then you proceeded to leave to avoid being punishment. Thats what I saw.
[Image: lapudoa8763.gif]


No you didn't you were argueing with you brother and was apparently getting a drink and calling people saying you wish there mums had swelled you and doing the vine "this is why mum doesn't fucking love you" wasting our time and shit like ohh i left a drink outside your door but i didn't want to come because i am not social able you were wasting my time


Thought your mum forced you to get off... how are you posting this?

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Yeah, in the space of an hour or two I had atleast 3 sits with Jbone.
~Nitro / Gordon


First things first ive got a phone exhility and second don't know you nitro

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You could've told us you understand what you did wrong & ask to get your warn so you can leave.
Telling us you need to go isn't going to end the sit, the point of the sit was to point out what you did wrong and make sure you know what you did wrong.

Sorry, but in my opinion the ban is justified.


I did i said you have only got evidence on me warn me and let the others go

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