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Mayo Chinki's Staff App

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Application Format

* - Anything with this is mandatory to answer

Steam Name*

In-Game Name*

>>Mayo Chiki Best Anime

Preferred Name
>> Chiki

Current In-Game Rank*

(user, supporter, premium)
>> Trusted

SteamID (steamid.io)*
>> STEAM_0:0:228535821

Date of Birth*
>> 9/9/2003


>> 14
>> Male

>> England 

>> GMT

Total Playtime (screenshot is required)*
>> http://steamcommunity.com/id/HeadInAToas...1731353147

Total Warnings (screenshot is required)*
>> Very sorry i don't have a way to screenshot my warns https://www.instagram.com/p/BizSCo2HmTx/...dgaming224

Have you been banned previously? (yes / no)*
>> Nope

Are you active on the Website? (yes / no)
 [such information is checked, lying will result in an instant denial]*

>> no but i can be

What is your Discord username?*
>> MayoChiki224#8941

Do you have a Microphone? (yes / no)*

>> Yes

Do you have any relatives who play on this server? (yes / no - if yes, please state their username)
>> No

What days are you able to play?*
>> any day
How long can you play on the days you are available?*
>> i can play all day except from 8am till 5pm on mon/tue/wed/thur i have school

Do you know how to use ULX? (yes / no)*
>> Yes 

Why should we hire you? (be detailed, minimum 1 paragraph)*
>> I play on the server alot im not toxic and im mature also i know the ulx cmds (!goto !bring !return !warn !xban !ban !jail-) also i try to be civil with people and i'd rather help out the server instead of watchin the toxicity i can get on and i use to own a server n be admin on others my server only had a few people on tho like 13 it was could meme rp 

Explain what we expect from you (minimum 1 paragraph)*

>> Im mature n not toxic im not squeaky and i can really help and i will be able to get on late n early when people try to rdm n be twats 

Anything else you feel like including
>> im  quite repetetive n bad at speaking 

What does 4 cubed + 4 squared  equal to?*
>>  80

Referrer(s) (staff only)
>> will try add to this bit



You don't meet requirements, inb4 instant denial incoming.



You need 20 forum posts to be able to apply

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