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"Sorkbonkler again with the rock respawn times?"


Yes hello it's me.

I still strongly believe people should be rewarded for "actively mining". The mining plugin already has respawn times, which seems to be about 0.5 seconds at this time, for Amber anyways.
AFK mining earns you the exact same amount as active mining. If you try to run from rock to rock, while your previous "victim" is respawning, you'll actually earn less money than when you just used +attack and stood in front of the same rock.

Solution: amp up the respawn times by a LOT. I'm saying about 10 seconds each, or better yet, increasingly high respawn times for more valuable ores. (turn mining into a race! a little competition never hurt anyone, and turns this from Cookie Clicker into an actual game). 10 seconds is a nice amount because people'll end up travelling between three different rocks, which is reasonable. The best spots for this rotation might already be taken by other miners... more  competition and player interaction! Muhahahaha!

Then amp up the rewards by about 2x. You earn two thirds less than before if you AFK mine but earn about 1.7 times more than before if you mine actively. That also seems very much reasonable!

As usual, any feedback is more than welcome.
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