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Mug/kidnap time-out & weapons


Mugs don't do anything yet after the 15 seconds have passed. I'm not sure if the kidnaps end after 10 minutes automatically, but that might be something to check out (it didn't happen to Exhility in his report) 
It'd be great if the mugger/kidnapper and the victim alike got a message in chat and a little sound indication, and the mug/kidnap ended automatically.

While heavy weapons are considered heavy weapons again, it doesn't look at whatever weapon the victim is holding out and it doesn't seem to stop people from switching weapons anymore (might very well be wrong about this, but vaguely recall kai switching weapons in a mug). This means that either you can mug someone holding guns out or someone can switch to guns while being mugged (but again i'm not entirely sure if they can switch weapons).
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