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Terrorist attack "warm-ups"

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I think we should change the cool-down into a warm-up. When someone uses the terror command, there's 10 minutes of "preparation time" that they need to wait out before they're actually allowed to suicide bomb or go on an anti-cop rampage, with server-wide reminders at one minute left and 10 seconds left. During the preparation phase, any cop may KOS them. The actual attack could last up to, say, 5 minutes, and then there'd be another 10 minutes of cooldown.

This discourages people from switching to the job once, suicide bomb, and then going back to thief or whatever it is they were playing before that while waiting for the cooldown. They have the warm-up period that they need to wait out, after all. 

The bomb should only be usable during a terror. It already happens a lot that people supposedly activate it accidentally, or that they used the command but misspelled it and ended up MRDMing. Lockpicks already use a similar mechanic (can only be used during a /raid). Some people don't even know about the command and i end up having a lot of stern talks with new Premium members that suicide bomb for the first time.

This also gives police a chance to defend themselves. Currently, terrorist leaders can casually walk into the PD or up to a group of people with their C4 out, get their terror bind ready, activate the bomb, and then use the bind 0.1 seconds before the actual explosion. There's no visual indicator from outside that someone is activating a bomb, it still looks like they're holding it normally. And you can't really arrest someone for holding out C4 unless it's against the laws (but apparently you need to warn for that first too???). So the police is helpless, and there's very little skill involved on the leaders' part aside from finding a big enough group that has cops in it.

With the preparation phase, the police can spend time looking for the terrorists, and likewise the terrorist leader has to think his attack through and spend some time in hiding or evading the police. The police also knows when to be alert for these suicide bombs (the 1 and 10 minute reminders) and it turns into a fun and interactive game of cat and mouse, which is a lot fairer and more fun for everyone involved.

(inspired by https://www.hawkservers.co/showthread.php?tid=3824)
As usual, feedback and thoughts are welcome.
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th0, i thincc only terrorists should know when their time is up (as in "you have 1 minute of preparation time left"), but cops will get notified with "X has started a terror, you have 10 minutes to stop it!".


good idea



it would be cool to see

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