hit-and-run command & Terrorist + Assassin job-specific cooldowns

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Hit-and-run command is a bit overdue at this point. It's the one cooldown still being broken.

Likewise, both hit-and-runs and terrorist attacks are often used right after switching jobs. I think the hit-and-run and terrorist attack cooldown timer should only tick down when someone is playing either assassin or terrorist, respectively, to stop them from switching to the jobs just to use their RDM commands and then switching back. I'd prefer other solutions (hit-and-run being removed completely, terrorist attacks requiring a warm-up/preparation phase) but if those aren't going to be added this would make for a good alternative.

Also inspired by https://www.hawkservers.co/showthread.php?tid=3824
Terrorist warm-ups https://www.hawkservers.co/showthread.php?tid=3859

As usual feedback is welcome.


Every time someone changes to a terrorist I look at their previous job and last kill or death to note if they revenge Rdm or not. I think the hit and run really does need a command like the raid and terrorist got though, it would help with logs
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A timer for how long a player has to play as an Assassin before being able to use the Hit'n'Run command, maybe?

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