New hit system (zHitman?)

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I'm sure there's other systems like this, or Dead could make his own system entirely, but... it just looks like it would work.

Two main reasons why i think this system would be great;
1. Players that want to place hits no longer have to look for hitmen, they simply use the command (and slightly discourages hitmen from harassing people for hits).
2. Automated hits give hitmen something to do rather than being bored (and greatly discourages them from harassing people for hits)
3. Hits get auto-removed if they aren't completed in a certain (configurable) time; stops people from having to kill themselves because they can't find the hit target
4. Hits don't get removed on non-hit deaths (also configurable) so people can't suicide or get friends to kill them to avoid the hit.
5. The hit price is decided by the person putting up the hit, so hitmen cannot scam new players out of their entire funds by making high-price hits.

More player interaction is always nice, even if it is hired murder. Gives people something to do.

edit: there's also bounty hunter ( which is also an automatic hit system but places those hits on people that have a high amount of kills!!! i love this system, if there is a way to add auto-hits on notorious killers in zhitman or dead's custom system or something that'd be wonderful


hits should have a cooldown of 1 minute, it'd stop the "i did a hit, neccst"

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