Programs Staff Aplication.


YES!!! All my +reps

This guy prepares well, reads what he has to and works hard towards his goals. He's friendly and polite and hasn't had a warn in over a month.
The only slight concern i have is that he came across as (just a teensy-tiny bit) young in our interactions, but that really shouldn't be a problem.
His application is well-written and he's going to be online at night- do it!
[Image: 4L9gfjz.png]


seen before

would make good staff



You're a quite friendly person with a lot of pit inside you.
Keep on going kiddo!


Although I haven't seen you alot on the server, everytime I did you were a peaceful guy and pretty nice to everyone.
You meet the reqs which is a good thing since most people do the staff app even though they know they dont meet the reqs.
Having people from different timezones means when can have admins most of the time, since at my place its 12AM and in the US its 5PM, meaning that when I go offline you can go online so we can have admins online constantly.
You have taken your time to detail your application.
Th warns arent the best thing to have on Earth but, we all do mistakes, they make us human right?
I would like to see how you perform as a staff member.

Later on, Program.
Don't come close



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