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People can suicide bomb without /terror


Please add a system similar to the lockpick, where it can only be activated if a terror is active.
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how will i laugh at clueless premiums now?


(05-20-2018, 06:51 AM)Neldonax Wrote: how will i laugh at clueless premiums now?

I don't want to put on "i'm going to ban you for two weeks because that was MRDM" scares anymore
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I think they should at the mechanic too!
Mainly because it is annoying when you are walking around minding your own business and then suddenly a terrorist leader walks up to you and starts making his C4 beep. I know it doesnt mean that it's gonna explode, but it is unnerving for new players or players who don't have premium. Also like you said, this mechanic would also prevent the fear of Mass RDM from the terrorist.
In a short term, this is a really good suggestion Smile

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