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So, I was just going on HawkServers, going into a small space, spawning a textscreen saying 'LODS EMONE' (lots of money) and spawning money props really, fast, without realising that I actually had to slow down. The props I used were in fact a small money prop which didn't get in people's way and I was banned. I had just joined back from the server. I am confused.

My RP Name:

My SteamID:

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My SteamID64:

Banned By:

"Mass propabuse/propspam/minge"

Banned for:
2 weeks

I should be unbanned because I had just joined back into the server, talked with a few people in a slightly annoying but weird way, did a tiny bit of micspam as a 'Tramp' and all I wanted to do was have a good RP experience on my way back to the server. I think spawning a few small props like that should not class as "propabuse" or "minge". The props were not blocking anything and I was planning to potentially remove them. The admin just lashed out at me before I could try to respond. I feel like this punishment is extremely harsh. I only wanted to RP with people in a funny and comedic manner. Now I cannot.



You were trying multiple times spawning in 1$/props by spawning them at the same place.
The props were blocking in eachother and was creating dark shadows.

If you wanna RP on afunny and comedic manner, don't propspam.


There was no bad intent, and you went through the effort of appealing. I'll unban you now, but please don't spawn that many props again.
Katje was not in the wrong with the initial ban.


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