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Doughing warn


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>>Ω BMO [b]Ω[/b]

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>>So what happened is that i put a hit on Tennism8 because he is the owner of a rival clan a bit later i get pulled into a sit about failrp. When i put a hit on tennis he was building i did not know that i said sorry i didnt know you were building but yet i get warned for puting a hit on him on because it was on purpose. i apparently knew he was building because i did thats the reason i got told. i feel it is a bit extreme so say failrp when i had no clue he was building it would be different IF i knew IF
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ill get to Doughing respond for you


Okay, I explained about 5 times that I had to warn you since I was following my staff handbook about warning you for Failrp, If you didn't know if he was not building or not then you shouldn't have put the hit on him tbh, If you saw him walking around a couple of times prior to placing a hit then I would get where you're coming from however that was not explained in the sit.
I said in chat before I returned you ' Your warn is for Failrp, Placing a hit on a person who was building, whether you knew if they were building or not wouldn't have changed the situation.
So In my eyes I was completely right in what I did in the situation which Tennis reported you in and I did not say once that You knew he was building since I was not looking over teenis or you at the time so I didn't.
Thank you everyone.. May 2018 - June 2018


You should always check before placing a hit. Anyway I'll explain my side,
So basically I was outside of my base playing around with props to place a sign, all of a sudden I found myself being killed and Jake saying "Thank you so much, you finally killed him" or something along those lines. I had 2 clear building signs outside of my base and with Jake saying that I assumed it was him (either way I think you 2 are in a discord call communicating with each other so you should have known I was building), later finding out it was you who placed the hit you were brought to the sit and what you did was explained to you. I believe the warn was justified for the actions and what doughing did was fair.


so you were standing outside how were you building exactly?
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(05-21-2018, 05:15 PM)☭BMO☭ Wrote: so you were standing outside how were you building exactly?

I was building because I was actively placing props and using the precision tool on them, I also had a clear sign down along with a semi-built base.


ok you were outside and you were right i was in a call with jake and he said tennis is lurking outside our base i had a reason to think that you wernt building
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accepted bmo did not know he was building so i will remove the warn. bmo pleas be careful when placing hits Doughing will not be punished

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