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So, after almost three days of play time, what keeps me coming back everyday to play this specific server on Garry's Mod? First, I love the staff, you guys are great at what you do and I hope to be apart of your team one day. Second, the community. This community is indescribable, the moments you can have when you interact with the community of this server is most likely the reason why I love this server. Finally, the devs. The devs have done an amazing job creating the server. I enjoy everything there is to offer. So in conclusion, I don't regret wasting almost three days of my life on this server.
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Bro, I have 7w playtime lol.

But yeah, I definently agree to be honest.
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Glad to hear that you love the staff and community. We really appreciate it when people compliment us because being a staff member can have its fair share of disrespect from unhappy users, thanks for having faith in us man and I hope that you continue to have this positive opinion about the server!


And we love your pizza Big Grin

But yeah we love people being happy on the server and thank you for enjoying your time Big Grin Thanks for the positivity!
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