Farest of thee wells.


I haven't been playing for quite some time now (atleast truly) and i won't regret this.
Y'all are just little shits.

I've tried doing so many things here, but if it doesn't give you a passive advantige you just discard it, all of it.

I've tried the cars, A S C E N D , t00gb00t, WHEEEEEL OF FORTUNE, the first casino and some others. Yet you little shits, with your goal to crawl up tasid's ass have focused all your attention to praise him, and not thy truest one.

Everyone who i loved has left, and there is no hope of them coming back, ever. Everyone who is here and i loved have turned to shits so they can best fit in the machine.

I doubt there will ever be any new truly RP needing things on this server,
Farest of the wells, i hope you make it through this dying wreck!


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No more shit posts Smile bye bye neldowodo
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Oh well, goodbye then
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Without +reps I'll go insane soon     GIVE +REP

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(25-05-2018, 06:28 AM)StompyChar Wrote: [Image: 46b.jpg]


(25-05-2018, 06:30 AM)Draig|Hawkservers.co Wrote: No more shit posts Smile bye bye neldowodo

fricc off, new staff are taking my place


We will miss your god-tier shitposts. Goodbye.
~Nitro / Gordon


Later on, Neldonax.
Don't come close




Bye you shitposting guy who made A S C E N D E N C E come into life then die.
 Resigned Mod+ Staff.  (Call me just Cap'n Jackson my boi)


RIP At least you can remember the good old times XD <3
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