MiniOniOG Ban Appeal

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Your RP Name
>>Chris Hansen

Your SteamID*

Who banned you?*

What is the stated reason?*
>>Minging, Racism, Tazer Abuse

Ban Duration?*
>>5 Days

Why should you be unbanned?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>>It was a huge misunderstanding, I admit I was minging a little in the beginning, but the racism part isn't true and was a misinterpretation on Kai's half. I didn't say anything racist and I have a twitch clip, of him "accusing" me of saying something really bad, when I clearly didn't. It's not Kai's fault, my strong Glaswegian (Scottish) accent makes it hard to understand me.

I'm currently streaming, any furthur questions, feel free to come and ask Smile


Please supply any evidemce on that (screenshots and clips with exact timestamps.)
Also, if you were munging/tazer abusing and openly admitted to it, then it is your own fault I'm afraid.
~Nitro / Gordon


Yeah but, I had a "sit" with Kai (about the Minging and Tazing) and he gave me a warn, everything was all good, until the twitch clip when he misinterepreted me, then when I left shortly after (2-5 minutes later) I was banned. I found that out when I tried joining back.

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Weird. I heard something completely different in-game.
Anyhow, you were still heavily minging and tazer abusing together with your friend, who was banned as well and was being racist a second before his ban.
I'll update the ban - which I think, is absolutely fair. And since you already admitted you were minging, I have no more to say.

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He's my friend on another game, he only joined because I was streaming, I don't think it's fair that I could be held accountable for his actions as I'm not him. Also I was warned seperately for the minging and tazing, which stopped afterwards.

But you already punished me for the minging by warning me? So how's it fair that I'm getting double punished. I didn't go on minging, I was just minging before hand. Once warned, I stopped. Then I get banned 5 minutes later for a misinterpretation, how am I at fault here?


- Rep
not enough detail in your post if you really wanna get
unbanned you would explain fully
[Image: 5150883.gif]


How's there not enough detail? I wrote a fair amount that adequately explains my situation, with a twitch clip that says enough. I shouldn't need to write an auto biography for a statement that could be easily said in a few short sentences.


I warned you, later I heard something completely different in-game - took some seconds to re-think and try to figure out what you just said.
I was wrong I guess - which means you were double punished. My bad.
It's a go from me for unban - don't go around minging again tho.


Accepted, you'll be unbanned shortly, don't let it happen again


closing report

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