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BMO's Unban Request!

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[I made this on behalf of BMO as I want him unbanned as quickly as possible if this isn't allowed please remove this.]
Your RP Name

Your SteamID*

Who banned you?*

What is the stated reason?*
DDoS Threats.

Ban Duration?*
2 Weeks.

Why should you be unbanned?*

Ok so, a large group of players were messing about on a roof (there was some minor propblock but everyone was ok with it so I dont see a problem there) Devil started making jokes about his lag being a DDoS attack, everyone then started making jokes about the props and others DDoSing them. These jokes got Devil banned for DDoS threats, Kitty said that "HELP ME DDOS" was an actual DDoS threat, maybe you asummed that the lack of a comma was a threat? But you wouldn't ban someone for one message without reading the others right? If you did read any of the other messages you surely would've seen something such as "im being ddosed" which would've clued you in to the situation. Couldn't even be arsed to make a sit.

After this came BMO's ban, what was this for? Simply for asking/joking about why Devil was banned. Here are the quotes i've found.

"i have been told Kitty ddosed YoungDevilBoy128 is this true?"

[This was clearly a joke and not a threatis any way].

"the true server owner got ddosed what will we do?"

[A meme from devil saying he is owner and would demote people for random crap he came up with].

"kitty why have you ddosed the true owner i will not stand for this"

[same joke as the first but was ignored by Kitty so he repeated it repeated].


Yes I know this isn't fun for kitty but 'did you DDoS someone' and 'I am going to DDoS you' are very VERY differnet things that she should be able to distinguish between, one is a harmless joke and the other is illigal..

I really think that this is only worth a verbal or maybe a warn at a push but definitely not a ban because there was no DDoS threat especially with a player with 2w of playtime.

Sorry for any spelling mistakes or if its a bit jumbled i'm very tired :3
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I already told you that you couldnt make a ban appeal on his behalf. Im closing this and if BMO wants to make on then he can do so.
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I will unban you however making ddos jokes when the sever is lagging probably was not the best idea

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This has not been Accepted. KingCherry, Kitty's already dealing with this and has made a decision, you cannot take over her sit.

Update on this, I read the ENTIIIIIIIIIIRE story wrong.. I didn't even realize that it was aimed at kitty -_-.. Alright so what I will do, considering he technically did ddos threatened the server, I will reduce the time of his ban. And if Kitty is in charge of the sit and tells you that you can't do a ban appeal for the person, you cannot unless a Senior Admin or above tells you otherwise.
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