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Refund System

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Who is this suggestion targeted at? (i.e rank.. jobs..)
>> Everyone

What is your main suggestion(provide links if possible)
>> Have A Refund System / Forums

How would your suggestion improve the server?
>> When people are rdmed people loose their guns and stuff and its not fair also if the server restarts or crashes we loose all our printers and bitcoin machine which we spent alot of money into it and its not our faults bassicly if we loose our shit and it wasnt our fault or a valid reason then we should be able to get our stuff back.


They already have a refund system for RDM's, you get refunded your guns you had on you



As already stated the refund option is already in the game. If you have trouble finding it, it's a category in the ticket system "Rank and refund requests" so go use that the next time.
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Oh ok, what about server restarts? And Sorry


If you are scared of losing your stuff (printers/bit-miners) due to server restarts/crashes or even some rules being broken then take a screenshot and show to a staff member and we will try our best to refund you. ULX refund is a command in which any staff member can use and should only be used if a rule has definitely been broken and the person has died without a valid reason. This will return any weapons in which you had in your previous life allowing you to continue how you left of before the occurring event.


will be adding something soon for refunds when it crashes, it wont be the best but i don't want to massively affect server performance for a small thing
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