ive made a big mistake. With my purchase.

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I have purchased a supporter rank not so long ago, Ive bought it on my wrong account and i dont have gmod on this account as this is an very old . If it is possible to transfer  to my main accoount Link below. If your a mod and looking at this and you cant do this if you dont mind passing it on to an owner, That be great 

Steam account (one i want the rank on) : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198276474790/

 If you need other info you can contact me on the site as ill be active on it waiting for answers.

Lots of love 
-Nuk3Knight / BenefitsBen

This is my main account , I honestly dont care now keep the change.


Don't worry, I got you. What's your name in-game an please give me your steam id to that steam profile
[Image: XNtnY2k.png]


I want to give the support rank to Classy as i bought Premium on my main,

ING : GG Manager TheClassyDuck
steam id : STEAM_1:1:91738499
steam link : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198143742727

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Please use your main account and make another request. We'll then confirm the payments on that account.


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