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id like to give my supporter rank from janis.gbergs to Classy

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 want to give the support rank to Classy as i bought Premium on my main. I bought supporter on janis.gbergs my steam account which doesent have gmod on and i already bought permium on this account i want to give my supporter rank away from janis.gbergs to classy all needed links and stuff is down below

ING : GG Manager TheClassyDuck
steam id : STEAM_1:1:91738499
steam link : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198143742727

if any other info is needed i will provide

 Nuk3Knight/ BenefitsBen


No one has replied and i posted this a day ago, Ive seen admins viewing it but i they havent done anything
[Image: 34140915_822758967922050_7342656572910206976_n.png]don't toucha my spaghet 

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