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Warn from kitty


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Ω Jake Ω

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I made a /tts about an AFK miner I had found and after a few minutes the miner came back. Kitty then took my sit, after checking the mine she found that there wasn't an AFK miner anymore because of this she warned me for Lying to staff. I really think that this warn isn't justified and would like it to be removed.


Ern... Ill get kitty to respond first. That does seem extremely unjustified.
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Relax Jake. Ones Kitty's responded to the post, we can sort this out. And if what you're saying is true, the warning shall be removed and I will talk to Kitty about what she can do better next time.
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Jake im not saying what you said was im saying the warn is....
I am not a registered sex offender

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I took his ticket immediately and when I went over to him to ask who he got snappy saying "Does this look like the mines? No. Read the ticket. Do your job." So I go to the mines and I went to every single Miner and they were all moving and not AFK, so I told him that none of them were and (again) he got snappy. His job role was the mayor and he told me that he went down there and screamed at them all asking if they were AFK or something saying it was the bottom left person, not 1 person was AFK. So I went to staff room and asked if it was alright to give him a lying to staff warn and another staff member said yeah as he did lie that there was someone AFK and that they'd do the same thing. He later got the warn after I had confirmed it and then carried on his 8-9 hour long disrespect towards me which later got him a 1 day ban.

I was the only staff member online at the time and I had a few sits pop up on my screen with alot of questions and such, I took his because it was more important naturally. I genuinely feel that he did this just to waste my time and I don't even see why he went down there or when as I went to him 1 minute later and he was at spawn. He then tried to say that the person must have come back when I got there however when I check for AFK's I don't speak I just move them, they had no way of knowing that I was there inspecting them yet he moved as soon as I moved him away from his rock. Dispelling that idea completely. He had been disrespecting me for hours at this point so that only emphasised my belief that he did it to waste my time when I was on the server alone and busy.

That is everything that happened as it happened and I do not personally feel this warn should be removed.
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"I genuinely feel that he did this just to waste my time" When I made the report I didn't know that there was only one admin on at the time (I remember there be multiple on but i'll go with it) and as creative as I am I wouldn't have made a sit that could take 30s with the hope that a specific admin would take it and that the AFK miner woul've came back to his keyboard. I yeah i'm sorry about being an arse, I just got angry that you banned my friend with a reason that i saw as unfair and I thought was swayed by emotions.

I still feel that this warn should be removed.
If an SA/Manager could deal with this I would Be greatful :3


Accepted! I feel that the warn isn't valid and should be removed.
I am not a registered sex offender

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