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The Akatsuki group - CLOSED

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We are the Akasuki
A group of  S-Rank ninja who abandoned their villages and seek to make the world a better place through drastic means
Our goals are simple, those being to protect what is dear to us, gain money, provide mercenary services so we can make the world depend on us and then conquer it all

What we require is skill representative of an S-Rank Operative and allegiance towards our goal
The application must not show signs of laziness (For example - Copying bits that aren't part of the app form)
as that would degrade the group and result in a denial

The application template

Server name
Discord name ( Example#0001 )
Playtime on Hawk
Do you have what it takes ( Explain, enormous amount of detail is not required )

*Special ranks ( One person only )
- Zetsu ( Recruit )
- Regular member
- The infamous
- *Black zetsu ( Builder and overseer )
- *Gedo Mazo ( The Juggernaut )
- *Tobi ( Manager )
- *Pain ( Leader )

Current members
[Image: Animation85ms.gif]

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