Mac20 false ban


Your RP Name
>> Blood Leader BogNog

Your SteamID*
>> STEAM_1:0:84311813

Who banned you?*
>> Mac20 シ(STEAM_0:1:100196501)

What is the stated reason?*
>> You can leave as well

Ban Duration?*
>> 4 weeks

Why should you be unbanned?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>> He just banned us for being a role, i was Blood Leader, and some of the bloods were rdmming, i was nowhere near them and as i walked past, i was picked up for no other reason than being the role. After i was allowed to go, and as i was walking away Mac20 picked me and my friend up and then after i told him that we didnt do anything, he said that i couldnt read and when i said, "just because we were bloods doesnt mean we were with them and doing things" he said: "im done" and banned me for four weeks.

Mac20 シ: Shush let me speak

Mac20 シ: So

Mac20 シ: The thing is

Mac20 シ: I froze you as I am not sure if they are your best mates

Mac20 シ: Considering you were hanging around with eachother 
(even though we were nowhere near them smh)

Mac20 シ: You were all bloods.

Mac20 シ: Hang around

Mac20 シ: Mucking about
> this is where i said we werent anywhere near them and that he shouldnt just assume, i reccomended he check the logs and then this:

Mac20 シ: Oke bye
Mac20 シ: I am done 

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    Amen Brother ive never heard this much truth being said in one statement and i was in the OJ court room and he spoke the truth. if you don't get unbanned you should do what my homie OJ did and write a book on how you would have done it to show it wasn't you, to the corrupt admins who were clearly bribed by the cloud people to silence us for speaking the truth, man the cloud people are get crafty to silence us after we bought alex jones pharmaceutical to stop the cloud peoples radio waves from taking control of our minds like they did the media to stop the spread of news about them.


Very easy to copy what I typed when you kept going telling me I am a racist this and that. Which got recorded. You are lying, you didn't say "check the logs" you said "You are a racist tsk tsk"

I am denying this appeal.

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