Mac20 false ban (can a different admin look this over)


Can someone other than the banning admin look this over please: Bias is easily found in situations like this
Your RP Name
>> Blood Leader BogNog

Your SteamID*
>> STEAM_1:0:84311813

Who banned you?*
>> Mac20 シ(STEAM_0:1:100196501)

What is the stated reason?*
>> You can leave as well

Ban Duration?*
>> 4 weeks

Why should you be unbanned?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>> He just banned us for being a role, i was Blood Leader, and some of the bloods were rdmming, i was nowhere near them and as i walked past, i was picked up for no other reason than being the role. After i was allowed to go, and as i was walking away Mac20 picked me and my friend up and then after i told him that we didnt do anything, he said that i couldnt read and when i said, "just because we were bloods doesnt mean we were with them and doing things" he said: "im done" and banned me for four weeks.

Mac20 シ: Shush let me speak

Mac20 シ: So

Mac20 シ: The thing is

Mac20 シ: I froze you as I am not sure if they are your best mates

Mac20 シ: Considering you were hanging around with eachother 
(even though we were nowhere near them smh)

Mac20 シ: You were all bloods.

Mac20 シ: Hang around

Mac20 シ: Mucking about
> this is where i said we werent anywhere near them and that he shouldnt just assume, i recommended to the previous admin that they check logs so i made a joke about him assuming we were hanging around together because we were black and then this:

Mac20 シ: Oke bye
Mac20 シ: I am done 
Maybe mac before assuming we were buddies you could have checked logs to see: me and my friend were not involved in the mass rdm, we were just walking by before you automatically roped me in, so please put some thought in as I would expect more from a staff member. And as for the previous one that was denied you said we were "best buddies" or whatever? I never even talked to those pricks, maybe, just maybe dont assume we were all together just because i was in the role.


Mac has said it was denied.


It has been denied so i am closing report

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