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Can someone who can do their job check this please

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As it turns out from my previous appeal that everyone seems to lying about what i did for example: BenefitBen Who said i was brought after Rdming which is completely wrong as the admin never tpd me and i never rdmed. i created a pole on my forum Mac20 had edited to remove all votes on yes except one and added 148 votes to no just to make sure i was banned and it wasn't appealed which is lets be honest not what a fair and just admin who should determine the output of the appeals should be doing especially if the person doing it is the person who banned you who is obviously going to deny it because he wants to make sure he doesn't look bad by falsely banning to innocent men because they were near a group of rdmers and who were shooting at us which he could have checked using logs as any good admin would do and no ban us with no evidence i would much appreciate it if another admin would go over this appeal
4 week ban
Mac20 banned me i duuno why he just said you can leave what ever that means i dont remember me being able to leave being a valid reason to ban.

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This is a good meme and all, but not Mac. Sad
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(02-06-2018, 02:46 PM)Remora Wrote: This is a good meme and all, but not Mac. Sad

Thanks man i did try check out my other one but unfortunately mac did false banned me and my friend he was so innocent.

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Denied, Mac banned you and that's final.

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