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Ban Appeal


RP Name: Slav

Steam ID:76561198364319930

Person who banned me: ANBU Squad Genin ELECTROLIZED

Stated Reason: MRDM

Duration: 2 weeks

I should be unbanned because, I believe that I did not break any rules, sadly I did not screenshot anything or record it although I do have my word, what happened was, I joined the server and there were people fighting outside of spawn. I said "Please stop the RDM" I was then killed for no reason. I then killed the person who killed me. Next thing I know, I have been banned for MRDM. The admin who banned me, witnessed others killing each other for no reason whatsoever and has done nothing about it to my knowledge. I was punished unfairly with no warning whatsoever.


Hi, ill get him to repsond
Blast - Community manager 

Please +rep me i'm poor


You were at spawn you were killing people, then respawning and continuing. Adam as another staff member saw you respawning and killing people. In my opinion you deserve the 2 weeks.

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Well I'm sorry to criticise your judgement. I admit to killing a person who was killing others at spawn. I didn't respawn and continue killing randoms. I think you have the wrong guy on that part. If I'm not going to get instantly unbanned its a shame but may I request you reduce it?

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Accepted! Ill shorten the ban down to 3 days. Be more careful next time! P.s need your steam id not your 64. Can you send it to me via dc? Blasto
#6969 ty
Blast - Community manager 

Please +rep me i'm poor

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