Ban Appeal


RP Name: Slav

Steam ID:76561198364319930

Person who banned me: ANBU Squad Genin ELECTROLIZED

Stated Reason: MRDM

Duration: 2 weeks

I should be unbanned because, I believe that I did not break any rules, sadly I did not screenshot anything or record it although I do have my word, what happened was, I joined the server and there were people fighting outside of spawn. I said "Please stop the RDM" I was then killed for no reason. I then killed the person who killed me. Next thing I know, I have been banned for MRDM. The admin who banned me, witnessed others killing each other for no reason whatsoever and has done nothing about it to my knowledge. I was punished unfairly with no warning whatsoever.


Hi, ill get him to repsond
Blast - Community Manager
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You were at spawn you were killing people, then respawning and continuing. Adam as another staff member saw you respawning and killing people. In my opinion you deserve the 2 weeks.

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Well I'm sorry to criticise your judgement. I admit to killing a person who was killing others at spawn. I didn't respawn and continue killing randoms. I think you have the wrong guy on that part. If I'm not going to get instantly unbanned its a shame but may I request you reduce it?

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Accepted! Ill shorten the ban down to 3 days. Be more careful next time! P.s need your steam id not your 64. Can you send it to me via dc? Blasto
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Blast - Community Manager
Please +rep or your triple gay
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