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So I want to get the rules changed due to having to heavily modify my base after it was deemed unfair, even when I was following the rules. I had to change my shooting slits, the colour of props, the material on props and opacity of props. I think that if we aren't allowed to use certain techniques the rules should state which materials colours etc. that we cant use. I feel that it is unfair for me having to change my base when others have bases that actually break the rules but nothing is done yet my base breaks no rules and has to be changed.

This is the old base
This is the new one
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Tasid is "working on new rules". That might take up to three months after which someone else ends up actually making rules, like last time.

We fell back to the "if a base is deemed unfair" rule for this particular one, and if you see bases using identical or similarly unfair and unfun to fight against basing techniques, feel free to report them.
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not every admin is as harsh as you so it will be hard to get nearly every base changed ya know
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We obviously and critically need new rules but ehhh - it seems it will take a while.
I just said that you can see differently with a bit of difficult from the raiders' side while you can almost clearly see them from your side.


im fine to change my base i just want everyone to do the same with new rules.
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(06-03-2018, 06:03 PM)☭BMO☭ Wrote: im fine to change my base i just want everyone to do the same with new rules.

They will, and we'll make sure they will.


They definitely will, however I was there with you when you modified it. It was virtually impossible to see through from one side as you used that specific material. It's the first time I've seen it happen. Also you had to change the slits because you could see their feet but they couldn't see you. Thats why we deemed it an unfair angle.

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you couldnt see the feet they said it was unfair because you cant see the defenders head

i agree the material was overpowered

i just feel like soo many bases use the slits and are allowed to ya know
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