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Gordon's Elite Custim Job | Black Ops


Job Type (default or elite)

>> Elite

Job Name
>> Black Ops

Job Color
>> Toothpaste. (Effectively neon turquoise)

Job Model (find it at csite.io | if you want one from donator jobs then ask tasid)
>> The Thief Juggernaut model.

Job Type (Criminal, Government or Hitman)
>> Criminal.

Job Weapons (default - 2 | elite - 5 | Pro Lockpick and Pro Keypadcracker is on the job by default for criminals and police items for gov)
>> Kriss Vector, Minigun, Harpoon, The shotgun that thief juggernaut gets (unaware of name sorry), and Dragunov.
~Nitro / Gordon


Seeing as the job has nkt been made yet I would like to change the model from the thief juggernaut skin to: models/player/combine_soldier_prisonguard.mdl
~Nitro / Gordon


You should proberably get the rgb value you want for the colour and I think this is the colour your looking for but im not sure.


The colour is rgb(0, 255, 255).
~Nitro / Gordon

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