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Your RP Name*
>>SuperHowl, Cutiepie, WannabeGeneral

Your SteamID*

Are you reporting Staff or Players*
What are their names*
>>xHarry, Baconnator

What are their SteamIDs

What happened* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>>i came to server, they wanted me to buy them printers, so i did. then i got disconected randomly cuz my internet is ****. then they got mad at me. i told them what happened that my internet is crap. then some rdm and bla bla bla . so i wanted to get some revenge. So after finding a bud i raided em. the bud forgot to /raid.... the broke NLR and used keys to opend fading doors.
After that there was just some RDM, broking NLR, KOS, Propspam, and one stupid demote........... they also build a base entrance where 2 players could not fit

oh sorry for the 3th screen shot. that is a screen shot from another guy (neatmike)

they also used strong language that hurted my 16 yr old ears

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yh i had prob with these 2 as well i was raiding them and they nlr'ed and killed me
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1) first bit of proof did not show who owned that prop
2)all it shows is that he killed you...could of been a rp situation
3) we cant see the whole base therefore we do not know if there is a entrance or not
4) again cant see who owns it
5) i will talk to him about demoting people for rule breaking
thx for this report

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