report PB510 member of staff

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    Your RP Name*
>> ZERG Spranger

Your SteamID*
>> STEAM_1:1:213832275

Are you reporting Staff or Players*
>> staff member

What are their names*
>> PB510

What are their SteamIDs
>> STEAM_0:1:105543191

What happened* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>> a guy called TicTac mugged and raid without finish the adverts, killed 4 people and the staff member PB510 saw it on check logs, when he put me in the sit he saw it and gave me reason, he called tictac talked with him in the voicechat and then just troll me and just claim self defence to TicTac

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It seems that you wish to blatantly ignore what I said in chat and after the sit. The reason I brought TicTac into the sit into the first place was to see why he mugged someone without ending it then doing a raid after it. The 2nd reason why I brought TicTac into the sit was to see why he killed four people. In short, he claimed that two cops were shocker abusing him at the time and because of this he could defend himself. His claims were supported by the damage logs which show that he was tazed multiple times. In fact, sometime before the sit I had already warned them for it. Anyhow, the claims were valid and so he would not be guilty of RDM, as it was in self defense.

I see that you also claimed TicTac broke NLR, when in actual fact he didn't die once, also something brought up in the sit.

Back to the mugging and raiding problem. I'll admit I was slightly confused when you said "without finish the advert" for the mugging problem but I did see that he mugged someone and start a raid so I just went along with the sit for now. I didn't look at the timestamps at the time, because he said he had only mugged one person in the logs so that would mean they could automatically be linked to each other. I confronted TicTac about this and he said that the mug was over a few seconds later. Strangely enough, this was also backed up in the logs. I meant to say as well but forgot: was it possible that Madman (the person being mugged) was afk or idle at the time? If his base was surely being raided (assuming the that the guy who was mugged had his base being raided which was implied during the sit) surely he could've just ended the mug and kill TicTac because he was raiding. In fact, TicTac cannot actually end a mug by himself, it requires the other person to either accept it or deny. After this, I realized: was there actually anything wrong with this as TicTac cannot end the actual mug?

I believe that's all for now.
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Not all (like you said) even if hes right about the mug, he killed 4 guys not 2 cops like you said. And one of them reported him yesterday for being killed without a reason. And btw you saw the timestamps yestersay! You told me. Idc about this anymore this server have this problem all the time, have kids working and ofc they gonna protect their friends. Im done with you!


Ok then.

Also said in the sit, these 2 cops would continue to come up to him and shocker him (and other people). There's no point in twisting my words now when you already know that I've said it to you before. I said I could see the timestamps for the mug, which what gave proof for TicTac saying that he ended it a few seconds later.
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Denied. It seems that "tictac" was in the right and that he wasn't doing anything wrong. P510 was correct in the way he handled this.
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