Couple of script suggestions


Alright so, this server is missing something that I like very much and something that can be useful at times.

The first suggestion is Unisec Keypads:

You can finally get rid of the keybind abusing for normal keypads and remove them completely. Although normal keypads can be kept for those who prefer them. Some of the main and useful features are the following: All keypads that aren't connected to a door will turn red = No more fake keypad clusters, when a friend changes a job, you don't have to change the code, option to have a secondary code for temporary access, paid access for example to a disco, utilizes BlobsParty on servers to allow party members to use the keypad without adding users seperately (This server does not have that script, but still going to mention it anyway), can have toggleable keypads with 3 options; Toggle, open only or close only. Multiple keypads can be used on a single door and a single keypad can be used on multiple doors. It also attempts to prevent getting stuck on the door.

Phew, that was a ton of explaining for most of the main features. Now onto the second suggestion Teleporter pads:

There are 2 sized pads for the teleporters, a big one and a small one (I personally would prefer the small one to reduce clutter). You can have personal channels, that can be protected with a password. Batteries can also be disabled if preferred, and access keycards (Can't be disabled) affect channel wide to allow certain people to use the teleporters. The teleporters lock into place after the pad has connected to a channel to prevent abusing of it to get inside bases for example. To move them again, you'll have to disconnect them from the channel and then you can move it again. The catch here is, you can't access the teleporter if you put it inside someone else's base, unless you enter said base and then put it. The teleporters can also be placed in your inventory. Access keycards are dropped upon death, so you better keep that in mind. It also contains a ghosting and anti-collision systems to prevent prop block of teleporters. And if you are asking this, yes, you CAN teleport vehicles and props. There is the option to have it shuffle between all the teleporters in the channel, this means you will randomly be teleported to one of the teleporters connected to said channel. You can also have it teleport instantly the second you step on the pad. Teleporting FX can be customized as well for each channel.

Welp, that concludes my big string of text explaining features of the teleport pads. I hope to see at least Unisec Keypads on the server alongside Teleport Pads if it is chosen to be added with Unisec Keypads.
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