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i cant post on my app

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i want to say this but it dont appear

 It wasn't a 2 week ban - It was a two week ban, then Synz was told of the issue and lowered the ban to one day. After Synz and me talked Synz decided that i should be unbanned.

it was a 1 day ban and you wrote it on the second day - Why would I appeal a ban that wouldve been over in an hour?
"I was in the hospital" he told me he was writing your appeal because you went to bed - Jake wrote the appeal late at night,I had already gone to bed, i went to the hospital that morning.

I don't have any feelings of hate - That is quite hard to believe, it's not a crime to have bad opinions on others but at least dont make it so blatent if your trying to hide it.
as I posted in staff room on discord I am not changing my opinion of you -Your opinions of me are fairly old i havent seen you in 4-5 days but you still say i am ignoring staff and being inappropriate when im not i have in the past but i have learned that gets me nowhere but banned i hope this clears things up
heres links if you think i am lying
I cant respond on my app now
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The original ban was 2 weeks for both you and the other guy I banned for the same issue, I then changed it to 1 day myself to the 1 day ban after I had dealt with the situation. You was banned at 11:36 on the 29th of may, I sent a picture to Blast that night after it had happened of my bans and the unban date I had already edited to say May 30th at 11:36.

I was indeed wrong, I just didn't read it until the next morning, Jake posted your appeal 05-29-2018, 11:57 PM, He was then told on 05-30-2018, 11:06 AM that "If Kitty is in charge of the sit and tells you that you can't do a ban appeal for the person, you cannot unless a Senior Admin or above tells you otherwise." He obviously didn't see that I had ALREADY reduced the time, Jake proceeded to spam the staff team over it and it wasn't reduced in the end as it was only a 1 day ban.

You did Ignore staff as you was told MULTIPLE times by me and Porticle that you would get the ban for it and you carried on after we told you to stop, Joke or not DDOSing is too much and we don't appreciate it or take it as a joke, you was ignoring us and disrespectful to us. That's the jist, every time i've seen you in game you've been the same and my personal feelings towards you have never been hate. I now dislike you somewhat for dragging this back out and pushing it as a bullshit ban and stuff but I don't hate you.
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as i said i fucked up too i was disrespectful and did ignore staff at times but i want to put that behind me all that does is get me banned i want to help not be a dickhead like i was

This will probably be the last time i bring this up i want to move past this i dont want to be a dickhead to staff or anyone

I truly hope this is the end of this argument and that we can move on
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