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- Tramp King now has bug bait

- Changed the models of all SWAT

- Added 3 exclusive models for custom jobs (PM tasid on Discord)

- Prices of a couple of guns were adjusted in weaponry dealer

- Winchester 87 and Winchester 1897 was added to weaponry dealer

- SVT is now being sold by weaponry dealer

- KAC smg was also added to weaponry dealer

- M4 Hyperbeast and AWP Hyperbeast were added to permanent stuffs NPC

- Added pianist

- Prices of a few older items (i.e knives and howl) have been reduced

- New rules (tomorrow)

- More event options (soon)

- Quad Bikes (near future)


Oh well custom job ruined, everyone has now access to those weapons. At least the piano was added.
[Image: Animation85ms.gif]


- Winchester 87 and Winchester 1897 was added to weaponry dealer

me jumping to conclusions IT DM
[Image: Xu0RfDg.gif]


You forgot one -broke a lot of shit


(06-13-2018, 12:34 PM)DEADMONSTOR Wrote: You forgot one -broke a lot of shit
why are you suddenly behaving like the crowd

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Yay the Winchester's 0.0 Oof

Quad bikes 0.0 Oof

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