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New Job: Police Dog


There should be a job for dogs/doges to become police. Many people try to roleplay as a police doge anyway. also add more pet options


The police dog should have a "bite" weapon, so the dog would bite someone and they would be stunned for a few seconds
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They could also be slightly faster than regular speed so they can catch criminals.


I do agree, and I do see many people roleplay as 'Police Dog' or 'K9 Unit', even myself. This would be very useful if they did have that bit option mentioned above, as the player would not need to afford a knife (great for new players) and the stunning is useful for arrests.

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This 'Police dog' idea would be good in my opinion, It would create more RP.
And I when I saw that Papa John said that it should have a Bite weapon, That is also a great idea to go along with a Police Dog Job.
Overall from me it's a +rep.

Good Idea,
Thank you everyone.. May 2018 - June 2018

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+rep yes please
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Eh. I am amongst many others who dislike the doges. I think this is un-neccessary due to there already being SWAT and Police. It would aggrivate me having a bunch of furries running around, and the biting idea could easily be abused.
Large -rep
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Theres no need to waste time adding a new job.
Go be a doge and then /job Police dog.
Problem solved.
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seems like a good idea i will speak to tyler about it.
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